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SATs 2016 – SATs practice papers website goes live

Delighted to launch our very own website, to market SATs Key stage 2 practice papers in English and Mathematics. The SATs exams have changed quite a bit for 2016, making past papers a thing of the past. These new handcrafted mock SATs papers will give parents and teachers the opportunity to offer more practice to children who will be taking their SATs Key stage 2 in May 2016. The site offers instant downloads of the PDF formatted papers and is also linked to its own Facebook page, You’ll also find details of the changes to KS2 SATS for 2016.


SATs KS2 English practice papers

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Why you should update your WordPress site regularly

While hacks into the websites of Sony, LinkedIn and Microsoft make the news, people are often surprised when I say that even the littlest site can be a target for hackers. “Why would anyone want to hack me? My site only has a few pages about my plumbing business, no use to a hacker…” etc.

While it’s true the pickings may not be as rich, any site is of interest to a hacker. In fact the hacker may not even know anything about the site they are trying to break into. It’s all automated. They are just searching the Internet looking for a site with a known vulnerability. It can then be used for a number of purposes such as promoting illegal products, generating spam emails, linking to dubious websites, or collecting personal data from your visitors.

If you follow this link you can read about a security loophole that affects various WordPress themes that contain a file called dl-skin.php. This file gives the hacker the ability to download or delete arbitrary files on the system. That can play havoc with your site.  And the theme containing the file doesn’t even have to be active. It just needs to be on your server.

Looking at the security log file of this very website, I can see several recent attempts to hack the site using this vulnerability. Here’s one.


In this instance the IP address, relates to a hacker in Latvia, according to this report on the website  Because I don’t have that file on my system, a 404 error was logged.



To guard against this, make sure your site has the latest versions of the theme, plug-ins and WordPress itself, because when these vulnerabilities are discovered, it usually doesn’t take long for a fix to be released. So when you update the site, the fix (if one exists) is installed.

If you’d like any help or advice on this subject, just drop me a line.

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Google+ and SEO? Yes, it works!

Perhaps not surprisingly, using Google+ does work if you’re hoping to improve your page ranking on Google. Here’s a proof.

I wanted to spread the word about ProductPrint Pro, the WooCommerce extension to print the product page. I wasn’t having any joy ranking for ‘WooCommerce print product’ until I posted a short article on Google+.


woocommerce-print-productHey presto! the very next morning, there’s a link to my article, snuggled in nicely between and on page one. You just can’t do better than that.


FOOTNOTE TO THIS! Only worked because I was logged in to Google at the time!  Google tailored my search results. So – it would seem I was completely wrong. Nevertheless, Google+ has helped my search ranking for so I will persevere!

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ProductPrint Pro for WooCommerce launched

ProductPrint Pro WooCommerce extension

I’m delighted to announce that after extensive development (i.e. a lot of late nights), ProductPrint Pro for WooCommerce is now available for download from this website.

The WooCommerce Print solution

ProductPrint Pro makes it easy for  visitors to a WooCommerce store to print the product page for any product in the store. ProductPrint Pro is a WooCommerce extension that adds a print button to every product pages, instantly turning product information into sales literature – with no extra work from you, the store owner.

  • Choose what you want printed – image galleries, reviews, variations, prices… it’s up to you.
  • Irrelevant information will not be printed, such as related products or sidebars – just the WooCommerce product information you select.
  • You can add your own headers and footers. It’s a great way to brand your products and add your contact details. Or why not, for example, add your terms of business, returns policy, or how about a requisition order, purchase order form, a guarantee or even a discount coupon?

Head on over to ProductPrint Pro’s very own website where you can try the ProductPrint Pro demo, see sample outputs and find out more. Then head back here to buy your copy of ProductPrint Pro, just £15.


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New site:

And hot on the heels of comes another new Togethernet website: Amiwigs. is a total revamp of an existing WordPress site for wig maker Amy Holt, based in Richmond. It’s a fully fledged e-commerce site built using WooCommerce. Amy sells a wide variety of specialist items for wigs and to the film industry.  But first and foremost, Amy makes wonderful human-hair wigs, she’s a real expert. website by Togethernet Web Design, Teddington

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New site: In-Company Training Services Ltd

I’m delighted to announce the launch of another Togethernet website, for another Teddington-based business. It’s been a pleasure to work with In-Company Training Services Ltd, and their new site is a complete revamp. The company provides expert training in employment law and people management, delivered on-site. Here’s the addess:

The site uses WooCommerce which is an e-commerce plug-in, even though they do not actually take orders online. It’s been great for categorising their courses and showing the courses as products with a different page for each course. And it’s very easy to maintain courses details.

There’s also a blog feed, twitter feed and corporate video built in to the website. And extensive use of SEO.


In-Company Training Services Ltd, Teddington