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Teddington LockThis is the official blog for Togethernet Ltd., the new website design agency based in Teddington, run by Ken Richman. There’s no work on show here. If you’d like to visit my portfolio site at www.togethernet.co.uk you will be able to see a range of Togethernet websites developed for my clients.  So don’t stick around here if that’s what you’re looking for…. go there, it’s much more funky.

My background

I started out in the software industry and, among other things, developed computer networking products. I also taught Computer Science at Aberystwyth University for a while. Then I decided to go into advertising – got a place at the School of Communication Arts under the direction of the late and great advertising legend John Gillard – and after graduating from there, over the years worked on leading brands such as BT, Sainsburys, Texaco, Dell, and many more, at a long list of agencies around London.

I started to design websites while working in advertising – my first – www.jiveparty.com – went live in 1998, and it’s still going strong, although it’s had about four facelifts and is due for another one.

If I work on your website, I’ll bring to it an understanding not just of the technical issues but also my considerable experience of brands, design and copy.

How much will it cost to build a website?

Togethernet Web Design in Teddington does not acceptedButtons not accepted as payment.

Buttons not accepted as payment, thank you.

There’s no quick answer to that. Let me know what you need and I can give you a quote. And unlike some web designers, I work to a price. If I say your site will cost so much, that’s what it will cost. If you’re honest with your budget, I will try my very best to give you all that you need for the money you’ve got. If it’s not possible, I’ll tell you. I won’t just keep piling on the hours on the job, leading you on and racking up the price. Naturally if you want more done that initially agreed, I’ll quote you for that when the time comes.

When you contact me, we’ll go through what you want, how much you can afford, and when you need it completed.


Finding customers is work in itself. So once found, I like to keep them. I want you to be happy with what you have, and come back for more, as your business inevitably evolves and your needs change. I want you to recommend me to your friends. So you can see it’s in my interest to make sure you are a happy customer. If your site needs updates I’ll be there to do them. If the updates are simply to the content, well then you have a choice. I build sites using WordPress as the underlying CMS (content management system). WordPress makes updating the content easy at it was initially designed for bloggers to use – and they tend not to know much about coding! So you can confidently do this yourself. Or I am happy to do any amends you require for you. For this I do charge by the hour. Click if you need website support now.

Every site comes with free support for the first 3 months, time to sort out any problems and to make sure you know how to edit the content of the site by yourself.

The next step

Take a look at my portfolio now or pick up the phone for a no-obligation chat – 020 80 90 7471 – if you’ve been putting off getting on with your website, you don’t need to do so any longer.

Ken Richman


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