This is the official blog for Togethernet Ltd., the new website design agency based in Teddington, run by Ken Richman. There’s no work on show here. If you’d like to visit my portfolio site at www.togethernet.co.uk you will be able to see a range of Togethernet websites developed for my clients. You will also be […]

SATs 2016 – SATs practice papers website goes live

Delighted to launch our very own website, www.sats2016.co.uk to market SATs Key stage 2 practice papers in English and Mathematics. The SATs exams have changed quite a bit for 2016, making past papers a thing of the past. These new handcrafted mock SATs papers will give parents and teachers the opportunity to offer more practice […]

Why you should update your WordPress site regularly

While hacks into the websites of Sony, LinkedIn and Microsoft make the news, people are often surprised when I say that even the littlest site can be a target for hackers. “Why would anyone want to hack me? My site only has a few pages about my plumbing business, no use to a hacker…” etc. […]

WordPress critical security release

You are advised to update to WP 4.01. asap. If you have automatic updates implemented, this will take place … automatically. See this article for details: https://wordpress.org/news/2014/11/wordpress-4-0-1/ You have been warned…